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Book Review: Running Wild by Austin Stevens

There is no doubt that Austin Stevens has led a life filled with both adventure and misadventure. He relays many of these events in his most recent book, “Running Wild”, making it a rollercoaster read. As a current conservationist, it was interesting to hear about Austin’s work with animals earlier in his life, as several of his methods would be frowned upon in today’s world! For example, he often described situations where he touched, or even grabbed wild animals (such as cobras and hyenas), simply because he wanted to. Even though this book was very easy-to-read, I felt a little uncomfortable at certain points with the way people from different cultural backgrounds were described. Personally, I also wasn’t keen on the way animals were anthropomorphised in some of his stories, though for some readers this may add to the story-telling. Nevertheless, the action-packed “Running Wild” was an interesting insight into the personal life of Austin Stevens, in which his love of wildlife and Africa shines through.

Check out Austin's adventures in 'Running Wild' and his YouTube channel 'Real Wild' below!

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