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Palm Oil

Join our conversation with your friendly neighbourhood palm oil expert Joss Lyons-White!

Joss-Lyons White Palm Oil Conservation
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"If we're talking about the benefits of development, then smooth peanut butter is definitely up there... noone wants it crunchy"

"The thing about palm oil people don't realise is it's in everything"

"Don't remove yourself from the conversation by not buying palm oil all together, it's a battle you cannot win"

Palm oil plantations Mongabay
Palm oil deforestation
Skip to the part you're interested in!   (If you don't have the time, check out the 2 min summary at 34:22 mins)

00:14 - What is Palm oil?

03:00 - Pros

03:55 - Cons

05:05 - Impacts on people

06:12 - The land after palm oil

06:50 - Smallholders Vs Companies

07:40 - Methods of making it more sustainable

09:33 - Increasing yields

10:25 - Palm oil isn't new

12:14 - Sustainability in the Western world 

13:20 - Global consumption 

14:26 - Potential solution - Government regulation

15:06 - Why aren't other countries taking advantage of palm oil?

15:45 - Development Vs Environmental needs

20:25 - How can the average Joe help?

21:25 - Are there alternatives? No - Joss likes his peanut butter smooth...

22:58 - How do we know we're buying sustainable palm oil?

24:56 - What counts as sustainable palm oil? Is it all unsustainable? 

26:36 - How is the demand for sustainable palm oil going to grow?

27:27 - Will governments enforce protection of their forests? Who's Pete?

29:00 - How you can help

30:48 - What if we support sustainable palm oil & the demand surpasses the supply?

31:38 -  What if the world switched to buying only sustainable palm oil tomorrow?

34:22 - Summary

Palm oil orangutan
Photo: Josh Guyan

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