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Conservation for everyone! Join our fun, easy-going podcasts that dive deep into everything wildlife conservation with world experts! Should we ban all trade in wild meat to prevent future pandemics? Should we mine the ocean for metals? How do we best protect lions? And how can we all help? Join the conversations to find out!

Bushmeat- antelope killed by subsistance


Martin Harvey

...I think we need to live more locally, more sustainably, more diversely, and more connectedly with nature... that's what I'd wave my (magic) wand and have happen.

EJ Milner Gulland 
Professor of Biodiversity at Oxford University


Since COVID-19 was linked to wet markets in China, people have called for a global ban in the trade of bushmeat — now known as wild meat. But is this a good idea?! To explore this story and the complexities of wildlife trade and COVID-19, I had the great pleasure of speaking with Oxford Professor EJ Milner Gulland — imagine X-men's Charles Xavier, but swap out mutants for conservationists, telepathic abilities for superhuman research skills, and a wheelchair for a horse. 

Schooling silky sharks - Tomas


Tomas Kotouc

...Biology is all about the animals, conservation is all about the people...

Dr Simon Pierce
Co-founder & whale shark researcher at Marine Megafauna Foundation


Since the launch of Seaspiracy (why wasn't it called 'Conspirasea'?!) there’s been a lot of controversy regarding the fishing industry and the real threats to our marine environment. To talk us through these issues, alongside everything whale shark-related, his research with Marine Megafauna Foundation, and some top tips for wildlife photography, I had the great pleasure of speaking with Dr Simon Pierce.  Simon's not only a top notch scientist who's on the IUCN board for Whale Sharks, but an award winning filmmaker/photographer whose worked with the likes of BBC and NatGeo... and he loves a pun — what’s not to like?


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