Aug 16, 2017

palm oil


how can we truly put a stop to the production of palm oil ?

Nov 26, 2017

Given the rising global demand for oil, particulalry from those in poverty, stopping the production of palm oil might exacerbate the problem of wildlife and habitat loss. This is because palm oil is actually the most efficient way to produce oil per unit area of land - meaning if you stopped its production, another less efficient oil would take its place. The real question is how do we make sure palm oil is sustainably produced and consumed worldwide?

Sep 5

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  • No-one wants to see the extinction of wild tropical species like orangutans and clouded leopards. So what's the best way the average Joe can help to reduce the negative impacts of palm oil?
  • Only ~20% of the global consumtion of palm oil comes from the EU. The majority of demand comes from India and China where palm oil is used by the rural poor as a cooking oil - can we increase the demand for sustainably produced palm oil amongst these consumers? Or is government regulation the answer?
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