T E M P L A T E   A R T I C L E 

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Project Title & Location


I went to X with X, because of these reasons XXX.

I wanted to find X because of X

Funny quote from someone on the trip

Tom Brink (2015) - "Are crocs made from crocodiles?"


Best Part of your trip/ Favourite memory

Best part was X because of X

Favourite memory was X because of X

I enjoyed the fieldwork because of ... e.g.

Bird counts were great because you sunbathe on a boat with a corona and then count tropicbirds every 5 mins ...


What were your results? ​

Simple summary, with linkns to papers and why it's important new info.


What was the company you worked for like?​

Simple summary of people, location, way its run and link to website

Project Title & Location

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